Byron (b_ron) wrote,

Happy St Patty's Day bitches!

Two days and I'll be's crazy to think about...half way to fifty? It seems like just yesterday I was in high school hanging with Ben,Sean,and Rodney.......Now we are all grown up...well at least to an extent anyway...I mean Ben and I are both married with kids...Sean is a nuclear engineer for the navy last I heard and Rodney is my postman and has a steady relationship....Where does the time go? It's not that I haven't enjoyed this ride....I guess it's a matter of taking the time to actually reflect? I fight tooth and nail everyday to try and be the best father and husband I can be and make money so we can live happily and comfortably some times I wonder if I'm actually making any head way or even make anyone happy.....other times I think I'm just like running in place and getting us and myself no where at all...I love my job don't get me wrong it's probably the best offer I could of got...I just am starting to notice some of the draw backs I guess you could say.......but enough of that shit.....Everyone have a great Saint Patricks day............ Cheers!
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