Byron (b_ron) wrote,

Why dont you go weep some blood you pussy!

so gang, it's been a is fantastic...Liam is getting bigger every hour it seems and Mal and I are doing great..I love her dearly...the majority of the usual week I spend being a account manager/repo man for rent-a-center in Jonesville...which I am actually be a account manager/repo man for a company called Premier which my ex boss from rent-a-center is going to own over in Sturgis....I have recently caught up on going to the theater since Mal has became an assistant manager there....movies seen thus far include: Happy Feet, Stranger than Fiction, Deja Vu, and Casino Royale....all I must say are pretty excellent...On Saturdays I have been having get together a majority of evenings which has been yeah that is where I'm at...I hope everyone is doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah and I'm having another baby for those who dont know....well Im not having it technically but you get the idea..
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