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Yeah, that pretty much sums up my life at the moment....I FUCKING RULE AND YOU SUCK!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....But in all seriousness I am so full of life right now...Knowing that I am going to be home for the next 6 days has put me in a very relaxed state....I love my family..Mal,Liam and obviously my parents and her parents. Plus my cousin from california is in c-dub with her husband and son...It's been really cool to catch up with her since we havent seen or really talked to much in 5 years. It's been cool to finaly see her son too, he is cute.Mal and I have been wrokign together on putting together another Diabetes Benefit show this year..Things are coming along really well and it looks like I will be having it at the American Legion here in Coldwater again on Decemebr 17th starting at 3 o clock in the PM look for flyers for that.... I hope everyone else has been living well....I miss you guys! I hope everyone has a sweet break...

P.S. Happy THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!I mean this is the one true holiday where it's cool to stuff yourself RETARDED!!!SWEET!
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