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The Impact Of Reason [entries|friends|calendar]

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3 hey girls | im a cunt

[28 Nov 2008|05:11pm]
I wish my life wasn't so god damn complicated......to much to do not enough time nor money to do it with......

| im a cunt

[18 Sep 2008|05:32pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


| im a cunt

[11 Sep 2008|05:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]

The new Norma Jean is simply amazing.that is all.......

| im a cunt

[08 Apr 2008|07:56pm]
cookout my house...friday...be there!

2 hey girls | im a cunt

Happy St Patty's Day bitches! [17 Mar 2008|11:14am]
Two days and I'll be 25....it's crazy to think about...half way to fifty? It seems like just yesterday I was in high school hanging with Ben,Sean,and Rodney.......Now we are all grown up...well at least to an extent anyway...I mean Ben and I are both married with kids...Sean is a nuclear engineer for the navy last I heard and Rodney is my postman and has a steady relationship....Where does the time go? It's not that I haven't enjoyed this ride....I guess it's a matter of taking the time to actually reflect? I fight tooth and nail everyday to try and be the best father and husband I can be and make money so we can live happily and comfortably some times I wonder if I'm actually making any head way or even make anyone happy.....other times I think I'm just like running in place and getting us and myself no where at all...I love my job don't get me wrong it's probably the best offer I could of got...I just am starting to notice some of the draw backs I guess you could say.......but enough of that shit.....Everyone have a great Saint Patricks day............ Cheers!

11 hey girls | im a cunt

[20 Mar 2007|09:14pm]
Heck yeah...

I am having a little girl!

2 hey girls | im a cunt

Why dont you go weep some blood you pussy! [19 Dec 2006|09:18pm]
so gang, it's been a longtime...life is fantastic...Liam is getting bigger every hour it seems and Mal and I are doing great..I love her dearly...the majority of the usual week I spend being a account manager/repo man for rent-a-center in Jonesville...which I am actually leaving...to be a account manager/repo man for a company called Premier which my ex boss from rent-a-center is going to own over in Sturgis....I have recently caught up on going to the theater since Mal has became an assistant manager there....movies seen thus far include: Happy Feet, Stranger than Fiction, Deja Vu, and Casino Royale....all I must say are pretty excellent...On Saturdays I have been having get together a majority of evenings which has been fun.......so yeah that is where I'm at...I hope everyone is doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah and I'm having another baby for those who dont know....well Im not having it technically but you get the idea..

2 hey girls | im a cunt

[02 Jul 2006|04:35pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I finally got a couple of minutes to break away from study group.....so I guess I'll do the LJ thing since I havent in a while....First off, I have to say this experince has been pretty awesome...surely I miss Mal and Liam but the way they have forced me and my classmates together has definetly brought on quite a friendship bond for me which is kinda nice....It's also been a long time since I really learned so much that my brain and head litterly ached....It feels kind of weird when you push your brain to the limits because ti makes you realize how much potential there really is in all fo us as humans you know things that you didnt even think you knew or are suprised by how much you can retain........or maybe it's just me......Ive got my presentation tommorow so I should probaly get back to studying.....so I'll go on this note: I love you MALLORY, I love you LIAM......AND all you other bitches better call me when I get back home in two weeks..

1 hey girl | im a cunt

[22 Jun 2006|06:23pm]
Everyone needs to call me Saturday and hang out......Im leaving for three weeks on Monday for training with my new job......1 week in lansing then 2 in Chicago............so call me up...(517)227-1110...........

| im a cunt

Man your battlestations......... [15 May 2006|10:13pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Went and saw Coheed and Cambria with Avenged Sevenfold the other night.....It was amazing...both bands were really good....though I have to give the nod to Coheed a little only because Claudio played guitar with his teeth,behind his head, and with a violin bow...pretty cool shit indeed....but yeah both bands rocked hardcore.....Oh yeah and Eighteen Vision sucks just so everyone knows......I tried to make sure Mal had the best birthday too...I hope she did..I got her a new engagement ring I took the diamond from my moms old one from my dad....and put it in a new band for her...She seemed to really like it..I hope so. I rented Muncih tonight, I hope it's good...I will give details later for you all if it is worth renting...Mal and I also recently rented 11:14 I recommend that one for everyone...It was damn good..Im pretty much rambling random thoughts so I will cut this....But I hope you all know that I love you...and you should coem to see my hizzy soon....................

3 hey girls | im a cunt

[18 Apr 2006|09:55pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

I love my life......new house..amazing wife...great son.....great friends.....THE END

P.S. Liam is 1 today!!!!!!!!

8 hey girls | im a cunt

[23 Mar 2006|06:20pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

Here I sit watching little Liam grow in to big Liam.....where the fuck does all the time go..speaking of time.....I just turned twenty three.....my wife and I are suppose to moving in to a house in like 2 weeks....and it seems like I really have lost track of a lot of people.....all my friends at siena for instance, shit even people who only live a couple blocks away...I hope everyones lives are going well...I know mine is...I made the right moving coming back to Coldwater....though I thought I would never ever say that..

P.S. Im finally going to try and get out of Meijer bitches...wish me luck!

1 hey girl | im a cunt

[15 Feb 2006|04:28pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So life has been great lately.......Im enjoying the married life very much...Things for Mal and I have been really great......Liam is getting so big it is crazy. I really like who I am growing in too. I like the feeling that parenting and being a husband gives me. I enjoy the responsibility and love the feeling of watching things grow and mature...through Liam and Mal and myself. I really miss my friends though still but as they say people grow apart and I have definetly seen that I have grown apart from some..But I guess that is how it goes because I have made amazing close knit friends along the way. I love you all........

My playlist for the moment

10. Converge- You Fail me
9. My Chemical ROmance- Three cheers for sweet revenge
8. Mulligan- The tides of blackheart bay
7. Thrice- Vheissu
6. Haste The Day- Everything falls away
5. Coheed and Cambria-Good Apollo
4. As I Lay Dying- Shadows are security
3. Underoath- They are only chasing safety
2. Everytime I die- Gutter Penomenon
1. DIllinger Escape Plan- Miss Machine

3 hey girls | im a cunt

[12 Jan 2006|10:19am]

at 3:30 here in coldwater. if by chance you want to go, call me! 517-227-1110.

5 hey girls | im a cunt

CAN YOU DIG IT??? [30 Dec 2005|05:13pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my life at the moment....I FUCKING RULE AND YOU SUCK!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....But in all seriousness I am so full of life right now...Knowing that I am going to be home for the next 6 days has put me in a very relaxed state....I love my family..Mal,Liam and obviously my parents and her parents. Plus my cousin from california is in c-dub with her husband and son...It's been really cool to catch up with her since we havent seen or really talked to much in 5 years. It's been cool to finaly see her son too, he is cute.Mal and I have been wrokign together on putting together another Diabetes Benefit show this year..Things are coming along really well and it looks like I will be having it at the American Legion here in Coldwater again on Decemebr 17th starting at 3 o clock in the PM ...so look for flyers for that.... I hope everyone else has been living well....I miss you guys! I hope everyone has a sweet break...

P.S. Happy THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!I mean this is the one true holiday where it's cool to stuff yourself RETARDED!!!SWEET!

3 hey girls | im a cunt

forever.. [27 Dec 2005|12:00am]

1 hey girl | im a cunt

YODA AINT GOT SHIT ON THIS... [26 Dec 2005|11:01pm]
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:b_ron
Your haiku:are going to try and
make it a bit romantic
for mal and i are
Created by Grahame

4 hey girls | im a cunt

[19 Oct 2005|11:35pm]
[ mood | amused ]


I havent updated in a while..so here goes:

It looks as if Mal and I are going to look for buying a house or renting or something in C-Dub..Im excited..we will actually get to be a true family without anyone else eating all of our food or any crap like that...We are still getting married in January on the 13th..well we are atleast doing the coruthouse portion..then maybe april or may doing a real one..when classes and stuff arent so crazy for me and we actually have more money.....I havent been this happy in quite a while...things are really looking up atleast in most aspects...school is still hard but Im dealing with it and just rolling with the punches...as cliche as that sounds...anyway, there's rumors floating around about the band...with kent leaving and the revival of Our Friends Fate and such...as far as I know he has no plans of that other than finishing up the album they were suppose to have out forever ago...so I guess we will see how that turns out...in other news we have two shows coming up one in Hillsdale at the Annex on the 22nd of October..and another at my school here at Siena Heights on November 10th..Im uber excited about both it's been a while since we played a show..Other than are battle of the bands performance...Oh yeah and about that Ive noticed that everyone in Coldwater saw an article on Framing June in Hot Wire Magazine...I want to fucking see it...anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and I miss you al!!!!

8 hey girls | im a cunt

[05 Oct 2005|08:07pm]
Hey LJ world:

in "NEW" news: Mal and I are looking for an aprtment up here in Adrian..it'd make life so much easier on her and I....I hate being away from her and Liam..I get homesick to be with them all the time...I cant stand this most of the time...I feel so lazy and bored and worthless up here by myself...The guys are never around because of basketball...so all do is think about how I wish I was home..

1 hey girl | im a cunt

This is for you babe... [28 Sep 2005|05:04pm]

LJ Interests meme results

  1. atreyu:
    sweet band...lucky me Ive gotten to meet them...
  2. converge:
    One of the best bands out there...
  3. easy cheese:
    mmmmmmmm easy cheese and ritz crackers!
  4. family guy:
    I love this show...Peter Griffin rocks!
  5. full throttle energy drinks:
    Damn you coca cola and getting me hooked to all your products...
  6. liam:
    my son...he is amazing,I love him so much
  7. mallory:
    My fiance...beautiful,funny,and puts up with my stupid ass...I am a lucky guy to have her...
  8. noma:
    One of the best bands to ever come out of the COldwater scene...with Levi and Matt Budd and without....

  9. one day remains:
    A sweet band that I would love to go see a show of and play shows with..
  10. reservior dogs:
    Quentin Tarantino is a genius!

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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