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I finally got a couple of minutes to break away from study I guess I'll do the LJ thing since I havent in a while....First off, I have to say this experince has been pretty awesome...surely I miss Mal and Liam but the way they have forced me and my classmates together has definetly brought on quite a friendship bond for me which is kinda nice....It's also been a long time since I really learned so much that my brain and head litterly ached....It feels kind of weird when you push your brain to the limits because ti makes you realize how much potential there really is in all fo us as humans you know things that you didnt even think you knew or are suprised by how much you can retain........or maybe it's just me......Ive got my presentation tommorow so I should probaly get back to I'll go on this note: I love you MALLORY, I love you LIAM......AND all you other bitches better call me when I get back home in two weeks..
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