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So life has been great lately.......Im enjoying the married life very much...Things for Mal and I have been really great......Liam is getting so big it is crazy. I really like who I am growing in too. I like the feeling that parenting and being a husband gives me. I enjoy the responsibility and love the feeling of watching things grow and mature...through Liam and Mal and myself. I really miss my friends though still but as they say people grow apart and I have definetly seen that I have grown apart from some..But I guess that is how it goes because I have made amazing close knit friends along the way. I love you all........

My playlist for the moment

10. Converge- You Fail me
9. My Chemical ROmance- Three cheers for sweet revenge
8. Mulligan- The tides of blackheart bay
7. Thrice- Vheissu
6. Haste The Day- Everything falls away
5. Coheed and Cambria-Good Apollo
4. As I Lay Dying- Shadows are security
3. Underoath- They are only chasing safety
2. Everytime I die- Gutter Penomenon
1. DIllinger Escape Plan- Miss Machine
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