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I havent updated in a here goes:

It looks as if Mal and I are going to look for buying a house or renting or something in C-Dub..Im excited..we will actually get to be a true family without anyone else eating all of our food or any crap like that...We are still getting married in January on the 13th..well we are atleast doing the coruthouse portion..then maybe april or may doing a real one..when classes and stuff arent so crazy for me and we actually have more money.....I havent been this happy in quite a while...things are really looking up atleast in most is still hard but Im dealing with it and just rolling with the cliche as that sounds...anyway, there's rumors floating around about the band...with kent leaving and the revival of Our Friends Fate and far as I know he has no plans of that other than finishing up the album they were suppose to have out forever I guess we will see how that turns other news we have two shows coming up one in Hillsdale at the Annex on the 22nd of October..and another at my school here at Siena Heights on November 10th..Im uber excited about both it's been a while since we played a show..Other than are battle of the bands performance...Oh yeah and about that Ive noticed that everyone in Coldwater saw an article on Framing June in Hot Wire Magazine...I want to fucking see it...anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and I miss you al!!!!
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